Pivotal Voices is a space that esteems and celebrates the voices all around us that have for too long been subdued. This blog is an exploration of the lived experience in our local and global communities.

We delve into everyday topics, pop culture, and politics through an intersectional feminist lens to inspire reflection and ask questions that are timely and intriguing.

We explore these topics by engaging with the communities and circles of which we are members through writing, art, and constant dialogue.

Our Contributors

Grace works at the University of Waterloo after having graduated with honours from their Arts & Business program with a major in Speech Communication. She spends her free time working on musical arrangements and volunteering with an English language program in Kitchener.

Jessica lives in downtown Toronto, and works as a Project Coordinator for a tech startup. She volunteers with Learn In Canada, and writes for the Lean In Canada blog. She graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Rhetoric and Professional Writing program with honours. She loves daydreaming, film, literature, social media.

Rebecca is a suburbanite of the GTA who works as a Marketing Coordinator for a local IT company. She graduated from the University of Waterloo's Arts & Business program with a focus on French and Speech Communications. She enjoys collecting vinyl, going to concerts, and watching copious amounts of TV.

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